Rapper Blueface Claims There Are Ten Different Men Who Could Be The Father Of Chrisean Rock’s Baby

If you expect Chrisean Rock’s entire pregnancy to be filled with drama, you may be right. It has only been three days since Chrisean Rock announced she’s expecting her first baby with Blueface, and the reality star is already being of accused of having multiple partners and placing her unborn child in jeopardy after being filmed in a street altercation with two women.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock have been at odds for the last few days following news of her pregnancy. The rapper has made it clear he is not the father. Blueface is now accusing Chrisean Rock of having encounters with ten different men in the last year. Blueface took to Twitter with the accusation stating, “Rock has had encounters with ten different men in the last year until I see DNA test then it’s not mine.”

Despite Blueface’s claims, reports of Chrisean Rock ever cheating on the rapper are scarce. However, there are many instances reported of the rapper cheating on Chrisean Rock in the last year. In addition to Blueface’s accusations, his mother has suggested the rapper had a vasectomy performed a while back. However, Chrisean Rock is still 100% confident Blueface is the father indeed, as he’s the only man she’s been intimate with. Another person questioning the pregnancy is Blueface’s baby mother, who shares two children with the rapper.

If all of this isn’t enough drama, Chrisean Rock was filmed over the weekend in what initially appeared to be a physical altercation. Instead, TMZ reported the reality star was in a street brawl with two men hours after announcing her pregnancy. The media outlet claimed Chrisean Rock uninvitedly showed up at Blueface’s home while the rapper was celebrating his birthday, and everything escalated quickly. Blueface attempted to escape Chrisean Rock by vehicle but was unsuccessful, leading to Chrisean attacking two women.

Chrisean Rock later took to social media to tell her side of the story after many outlets ran with the narrative of her fighting while pregnant. The reality star claims she was breaking up the fight and not involved in the altercation.

Despite Chrisean claiming she was not involved, fans were buying it sharing various angles from the video. Were uncertain if Chrisean Rock was injured or if she had made her way to the hospital to check on the health of her unborn child. The reality star has not announced how far she is in the pregnancy. You can expect more drama to ensue as Chrisean Rock’s pregnancy progresses.

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