Rapper Da Brat On A Press Run To Announce Baby News, But Appears She Forgot To Share News With Family Members

Da Brat and her wife Jesseca “Judy” Dupart are still on their journey to motherhood, and the women just gave us a beautiful update. Da Brat and Judy have been trying for a while now to welcome a child into the world together and have been pushing to do it naturally. Now the ladies are on their second pregnancy together and have revealed it to the world via People Magazine and the Sherri Shepherd show. Unfortunately, it seems like her sister, LisaRaye was kept in the dark.

Da Brat’s journey to come out has been well-documented in recent years. The historically tomboy-ish star has always been on the receiving end of gay rumors but kept to herself until she found the one. Her relationship with beauty mogul Judy has been a part of various reality shows, including their own series Brat Loves Judy. The series covers the couple’s various ups and downs, which includes their fight to become mothers together. Judy currently has three children from a previous relationship.

Judy and Da Brat announced their relationship in March of 2020 and were married by February 22, 2022. Around the same time, the pair announced plans to expand their family. Judy and Brat posed in a mirror with their hands over Dupart’s belly. Unfortunately, she would lose the child before giving birth. “I fell in love with the idea, and then it was all snatched away from me,” Brat told People Magazine. Dupart suffered some health complications following the miscarriage, so for the couple’s second attempt, Da Brat decided to carry the child. Da Brat is reportedly 18 weeks along and says that she has not experienced a lot of cravings yet but has been super sleepy.

The pair debuted Brat’s baby bump in a beautiful photoshoot to accompany their People interview. Da Brat sports a black suit jacket with white stripes and a black bra. Her belly is exposed and nestled by her wife, Judy. Brat and Judy had an interview scheduled with Sherri Shephard and decided to surprise their friend. Brat showed up in an oversized sweater hiding her bump. The wives gifted Sherri a box that contained a shirt reading, “I’m going to be an auntie.” Sherri’s excitement only escalated when she noticed a sonogram in the box as well.

Sherri’s joy continued as she realized that Brat was the one carrying. She screamed when she looked behind her to see the maternity pictures. A tearful Sherri embraced the couple while the crowd applauded. Sherri had to go to break as she struggled to collect herself. Drat explained how nervous she was keeping the secret from Sherri and joked about how she’s been keeping their text exchange brief so that she would not ruin the surprise before their interview. The women opened up about how traumatic Judy’s miscarriage was and how the egg extraction almost took her life.

Da Brat also realized she had some issues with her uterus as well, so the pair were not sure they would be able to do this at all. A nervous Brat cradled her belly while Judy and Sherri joked that childbirth is not as simple as the baby “sliding on out,” according to Brat. She also jokes that she passed her first “semester” but is unsure how far along she is.

While Da Brat was making speaking with the press about her pregnancy, she forgot to reveal the news to her sister, LisaRaye. LisaRaye and Da Brat have been known to have a very tumultuous relationship where the actress often discusses personal family matters online. LisaRaye was livid when she found out Da Brat was engaged and planning to get married on social media. It appeared the sisters were on the right track after images surfaced of LisaRaye dressed in purple as a bridesmaid at Da Brat’s wedding.

Well it looks like the sisters are back at it again. LisaRaye is claiming she learned her sister was 5-months pregnant on social media like everybody else. While being interview on Raquel Harper’s “It’s Tricky’ podcast, the player’s club actress was asked if she was excited to become an auntie in which she responded yes. However, after Raquel asked LisaRaye if she knew the gender of the baby, the actress stated she found out about the pregnancy on social media like everybody else.

Raquel was stunned to learn LisaRaye had found out the same time as everyone else considering Da Brat is five months pregnant. LisaRaye is currently in dis belief.

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