Rapper Plies Claims Podcasts Have Become The Platform For Men To Gossip and Snitch, Says He’ll Never Do It

Podcasts have risen in popularity over the years and continue to do so. Many artists and prominent figures have been making the rounds on various podcasts to promote their projects while perhaps utilizing the opportunity to get some things off their chests. However, many podcasts have recently exposed some of the downsides of “talking too much.” Because of some recent examples, rapper Plies wants no part in the podcast world.

You may recall the debacle that occurred with Irv Gotti while he was on a joint appearance with Ja Rule on Drink Champs. While there, the iconic music executive was to speak on the legendary rise and fall of Murder Inc. and its artists. However, much of the concentration focused on Gotti’s alleged affairs with Ashanti.

Speaking of Drink Champs, remember when Kanye West stepped into NORE and DJ EFN’s lair? West had a lot to say and left no stone unturned. Many people caught stray bullets, while those that his aim was intended for also felt the sting. Kanye West appeared on the platform and spoke about his qualms with everyone from Just Blaze to John Legend. One other person he talked about was his now-former artist, Big Sean. The rapper disclosed that working with Sean was one of the “worst” decisions he’s made throughout his career.

Rapper The Game also appeared on the platform, where he made statements that left many scratching their heads. For one, those who know much of his career background are aware that he got his start on Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment. But on the podcast, the west coast rapper stated that rapper Kanye West had more of an impact on his career in a span of two weeks than Dr. Dre had in its entirety.

Perhaps it’s because of examples like this that have Plies resistant to appear on any. The Florida rapper took to social media and shared his views that going on podcasts seems to lead to snitching and getting another party in trouble.

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