Rapper The Game Mourns Loss Of Father On His Birthday

The Game is human like the rest of us, and in between some of his more salacious social media posts, the West Coast MC took some time to mourn his father on his recent birthday.  The Game was born Jayceon Terrell Taylor to parents George Taylor and Lynette Taylor. George was found unresponsive in his home back in 2018. He lived in Apple Valley, CA, and is said to have passed of natural causes at the age of 65. TMZ reported that a neighbor called 911 around 8:30 am after finding George’s body. 

The Game rapped about his dad in the song “Bloody Moon,” off his 2014 album Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf. In the song, he said, “My father left me when I was seven, at a home / Left me but took his chrome, I looked up, and blood was gone / Man, fuck it, guess in the world I’m all alone.”

It is unclear the state of their relationship when his passed died, but in the years since, Game has taken to social media to mourn his father and express how much he misses him. “Happy Birthday, dad…. Can’t believe it’s been 4 years already…. You always had the answers…. Damn, I miss you,” he said in a post two days ago. He shared some throwback photos of him, and his pops and fans noticed the striking resemblance between the two of them. “Man, he’s your twin J! 🌹” In a separate post, he lamented about how difficult it is to miss someone you can no longer speak to. “Missing someone who’s in heaven is a different kind of pain.” 

In 2012, The Game opened up about the things he witnessed his father do when he was a child. In his 2012 installment of Behind the Music, Game claimed he saw his father took his 11-year-old sister’s innocence while under the influence of PCP. Game was seven years old at the time. In the same song, “Bloody Moon,” he opened up about what he saw, saying, “Me and my sister had different fathers, but I cared, and I loved her. And I’d be lyin’ if I told you I wasn’t scared when he rubbed her. She was only 11.”
George Taylor would have been 70 this week. 

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