R&B Singer Angie Stone Regrets Turning Down Actor Idris Elba

Angie Stone is a legend of R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop. The singer has been present since the early ’80s and has found herself present for some key points in music history. She also has a dynamic dating history that overlaps with some popular men. Stone almost had Idris Elba as well but was not really feeling the Luther star initially.

Angie Stone was born Angela Laverne Brown. The Columbia, South Carolina native got her start in the late ’70s as part of the hip-hop group The Sequence. From there, she joined Vertical Hold in the ’90s and then began her solo career in 1999. Stone has been in movies, on broadway, and even done some reality television. Stone is also a mother and had her first child in the ’80s while dating Rodney Stone, aka Lil’ Rodney C! of the group Funky Four Plus One. Their daughter, Diamond, contributed backing vocals to her mother’s music over the years and is now a mother herself.

Angie Stone would go on to be a crucial part of D’Angelo’s career. They pair dated in the ’90s, and Angie was one of his co-writers and collaborators before becoming encouraging him to pursue his career. D’Angelo would base his album Brown Sugar on Stone, and in turn, he would help produce her solo debut Black Diamond in 99. The pair share one child together, D’Angelo Archer II, born in 1997.

Angie and D’Angelo have spoken at length about their relationship. During an interview with Fox Soul, Stone opened up about misconceptions surrounding their relationship and the pressure she got being a plus-sized woman dating a sex symbol. Angie says that she was much smaller when she met D’Angelo, but due to the medication she was put on, she began to put on weight.

Stone says that D’Angelo loved her no matter what and that, to this day, their connection was genuine and authentic. “When you’ve experienced true love, real love, it never dies,” she explained. “Even though you go your separate ways and life go on for everyone, and you take different paths, you never ever forget the purest of love. That was a genuine love that no one has ever been able to compete with.”

Stone almost had another famous sex symbol in her bed. In 2004 while shooting the video for “I Wanna Thank Ya,” Idris Elba starred as her love interest. Apparently, he was smitten by Stone and tried to shoot his shot. “When Idris and I were working on that song, Idris was actually crushing on me,” she revealed. Stone says that she and Idris remained close friends for years and shared a lot of the same team. She confesses that she was not sure what to do with so many “good-looking guys digging Angie Stone.” Despite turning him down back then, Angie admits she regrets it now.

Stone would not be Idris’s only R&B diva crush. He quietly dated K. Michelle and was the inspiration for her album Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart. He’s also been connected to Madonna.

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