R&B Singer Omarion Admits Spark Between Him and Nia Long, Calls It Scorpio Energy

R&B singer Omarion was recently spotted on the red carpet with Nia Long. The actress was out promoting her new film You People and snatched up O for a photo-op that has everyone talking. The pair are both single, so many are wondering if the sparks that few in photographs translated to real life. One pap caught up with Omarion to ask the very same thing.

It is unclear if Nia Long is fully ready to get back into dating. She is fresh off a decades-long engagement with NBA coach Ime Udoka. The duo separated this past fall after it was revealed that Ime had been cheating on Long with someone on his staff at The Boston Celtics. With her children and work taking up her full focus, Long has been pretty busy and is probably not immediately looking for new love. Despite all the confidence she exudes on the screen and in interviews, she recently got emotional, even acknowledging the tough last few months she’s endured.

During her discussion with Yahoo!’s Role Recall, she let the pain shine through. “I’ve had some pretty devastating moments in my life over the last couple of months, and I’ve had to just say, ‘it’s alright you’ll pick yourself back up.'” She stops for a moment to admit, “oh my god, I’m about to cry,” before reassuring herself, “you pick yourself back up, and you keep it moving.”

For Omarion, things have been a bit different. Despite years of rumored flings, Omarion would eventually go public with Apryl Jones in 2011. The pair share two children and let most of their relationship play out over several seasons of Love & Hip-Hop. At the time, Apryl joked that she only did the show to help squash rumors about his sexuality. The duo would eventually have a messy split and have spent the last few years fighting over custody of their children.

Omarion has maintained an “unbothered” persona which was super helpful considering all the drama that followed his split with Apryl. This included her dating his former bandmate Lil Fizz, O’s Millenium Tour being taken over by Bow Wow, a botch verzuz against Mario, and a whole bunch of tea being spilled by the guys in B2K. Most recently, it was revealed that they guys all got busy with Kiely Williams of 3LW without Omarion. Fizz also alluded to a “girl on tour” coming between the guys, causing their initial breakup.

With that much bad press, it would make sense for O and Nia to link up, even if it’s just for headlines. The “Ice Box” hitmaker isn’t a fool. When asked by the paparazzi if he and Nia are indeed an item, Omarion tried his hardest to maintain some mystery while revealing that the pair only met that day on the carpet. Omarion was careful to watch how he responded to the various questions, and confirmed that both he and Nia are single.

The man said that Omarion and Nia’s chemistry was “unmistakable” and there was a spark. Omarion agreed, saying, “it’s a big Scorpio vibe going on.” He ended with “nothing but respect for the queen.”

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