R&B Singer Tank Reveals His Vertigo Has Been Cured, But Unfortunately He Still Losing Hearing

Tank has released his tenth and final studio album, R&B Money. The soulful crooner got assistance from artists like Chris Brown, Alex Isley, Rotimi, and Vedo to help with a few songs. But his final triumph did not come with its struggles. The singer recently shared that he was losing his hearing and was also diagnosed with vertigo. However, there are some developments with his health. In May of 2021, Tank made the heart-wrenching announcement to his followers that he was going deaf. In a since-deleted Instagram post, the “Maybe I Deserve” singer confessed he “completely” lost hearing in his right ear and “kind of losing sound in his left.”

Tank shared that he visited medical officials for treatment. But despite his unfortunate newfound struggles, the singer expressed that he refused to give up. “The goals are still the same, to be great, to be the greatest, and I want to say that to you too.” A few months afterward, Tank was a guest on The Real, where he further discussed his “scary” journey. “I need to hear, you know what I mean?” the Grammy Award-nominated singer said to the hosts.  

In his update, Tank shared that he can still not fully hear in his right ear. However, he was much more robust in his left ear. “It’s picking up the slack,” he said with a smile.   Tank detailed that he found out there was an issue while filming a movie. Initially, he thought his ear was simply clogged. However, over the course of the next three days, the symptoms worsened. According to the singer, taking prescribed steroids like Prednisone was the “hardest part” of the recovery. However, he was soon able to return to the stage and “get back to the streets.” In addition, he acknowledged how much worse it could have been.

Tank also shared that he was also suffering from vertigo on top of going deaf. While speaking to the PEOPLE Every Day Podcast, he explained that the symptoms fluctuate daily between “light or kind of medium.” But Tank shared that he had found a way to “work through the vertigo.”   According to the Cleveland Clinic, vertigo is a feeling or sensation of being off-balance and dizziness. The most common cause involves issues with the inner ear. 

Tank recently appeared as a guest on The Morning Hustle, giving another update on his health issues. Sadly, he said there is “no solution” for what he’s going through. He acknowledges that one can undergo surgery, but he would rather “give [his] body a chance” to naturally heal. “I’m just believing in a miracle that, you know, I’ll get my hearing back in my right ear,” said Tank. Thankfully, he also shared that his vertigo is gone.

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