Roland Martin Will Not Cover Ime Udoka On His Show, Says $77M Stolen From The Poor In Mississippi More Important

Ime Udoka’s suspension from the Boston Celtics has dominated the news cycle, especially on sports platforms like ESPN. The drama is as messy as can be, with Ime’s affair overlapping the career of his girlfriend Nia Long, the upcoming NBA season, and the Boston Celtics team’s hopes of a championship. However, it is not the only buzzworthy story in the sports world right now, and some people are refusing to run it in light of much darker things going on with different athletes that seem to be getting buried in the news headlines. 

Ime’s story broke this week, revealing that a consensual affair with a female staffer on the Boston Celtics has resulted in his suspension for the season. Of course, his girlfriend being a Hollywood actress made this even more newsworthy. However, fans quickly noted the unfair focus on Ime when NFL legend Brett Farve was also in the news for a far worst offense. Farve is being accused of misappropriating millions of dollars in welfare funds from the state of Mississippi to fund several projects that directly benefitted him and his family. This includes over a million dollars he was paid to do public speaking engagements he never did and massive updates to his alma mater, where his daughter currently attends. 

Many pointed out how uneven the news cycle is and have demanded that people give Brett the same energy they are giving Ime. Some even believe the focus on Ime is a bit racist. One person not standing for it is news anchor Roland Martin. In a recent tweet, Martin said, “I DO NOT care about the #ImeUdoka @celtics controversy. Will it be covered today on #RolandMartinUnfiltered? NO. Provide me some relevant details, then that may change. I WILL cover the $77M stolen from the poor in Mississippi. Y’all wanna discuss that?”

His followers agreed, saying, “Of course, the media is not reporting about the grand theft welfare. Doing so would cast privilege in a negative light reserved for others.” Another person commented, saying, “ESPN gonna have wall-to-wall coverage on Ime Udoka’s affair but have completely ignored Brett Favre stealing millions in welfare money to build a stadium for his daughter.”  What do you think about the lack of coverage surrounding Brett? 

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