Serena & Venus Williams Father, Richard Williams Facing Hardships As Battle With Estranged Wife Heats Up

Serena Williams and Venus Williams are global sports stars. They have amassed massive fortunes through their careers and endorsements. That is why many people are puzzled by the financial issues their father is facing. Richard Williams is currently 80 years and battling health complications and bitter divorce battle with his third wife, Lakeisha Williams. In 1979, he met and married Oracene “Brandy” Price, and they had two daughters together after getting married in 1980. Those daughters are tennis stars, Venus and Serena. 

Venus is currently valued at over $95 million while her sister Serena has a net worth of $260 million. The ladies have massive sponsorships, including Ford Motor, Gatorade, Gucci, Hanesbrands, Nike, Subway, Tonal, and Wilson Sporting Goods. They also own several businesses and helped produce an Award-winning Academy film based on their father. King Richard scored Will Smith his first Oscar in 2022. 

Behind the scenes, the real King Richard and their mother’s relationship ended in 2002. He would take another shot at love in 2010 with grocery store owner Lakeisha. Richard was 69, and Lakeisha was 32. The marriage was tumultuous, and when they filed for divorce in 2017, a lot of details began to leak about their troublesome marriage. Richard had suffered several strokes and developed dementia during their union, causing Lakeisha to become a big part of his decision-making and finances. 

Richard says he initiated the divorce after discovering that Lakeisha had forged his signature on several documents to gain control of his property or possessions. Richard’s son Chavoita LeSane, claims that long before Lakeisha officially stole property, she was stealing his father’s social security checks. Chavoita claims this was when he began to be suspicious of issues in his father’s money because he did not think his pops would be relying on those SSI checks with all the other money he had coming in from his work with Venus and Serena. 

Fans wonder where Venus and Serena factor into all of this. Serena threatened to have the locks changed and put Lakeshia and her young son on the streets. Chavoita is making sure that Lakeshia is brought to justice for her crimes against his father.

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