Shanquella Robinson’s Family Takes Matters Into Their Own Hands Following Announcement No Charges Will Be Filed

Today the family of Shanquella Robinson are working on a new strategy to bring justice for their daughter. Shanquella’s passing while visiting Mexico has left the internet upset, especially after the U.S. decided not to press charges. What are the Robinson family’s options now that the U.S. is not on their side? 

United States prosecutors revealed yesterday that they did not have enough evidence to press charges on Shanquella Robinson’s travel mates. According to them, they needed proof beyond a reasonable doubt and unfortunately, they did not have enough evidence. Federal prosecutors informed Ms. Robinson’s family today that the available information does not support charges.

According to reports, friends from the trip were interviewed, but little information from those discussions has been released. Shaquella’s sister, Quilla Long, claims that the government has failed her family tremendously and that delays in the case have led to discrepancies in what happened. Their mother, Sallamondra Robinson, echoes those same sentiments. “The people who knew what happened to my daughter are living their lives. They have returned to work, and my family is left to wait and wait to beg for answers.”

Sue-Ann Robinson, Shanquella Robinson’s family lawyer held a press conference yesterday where she revealed plans to push back against the decision and find another alternative. Sue-Ann also believes the delay in the case has resulted in many discrepancies. According to Sue-Ann, the case was not taken serious cause Shanquella Robinson was a black, intelligent, smart woman.

So what are the family and legal teams’ plans? According to Sue-Ann Robinson, they believe that Mexican authorities can still deliver justice. They are also pushing for the U.S. to reconsider its choices and do “the right thing.” In a joint statement with civil rights attorney Ben Crump, Robinson’s legal team said, “We strongly encourage The United States to move forward with the extradition of those responsible.”

Supporters of Shanquella Robinson and her family have continued to keep #JusticeForShanquella visible on social media and are planning to march in Washington, D.C. to bring more awareness to her case. While full details have not been released, they plan to march next month in protest. Meanwhile, supporter online continues to be outraged at the lack of justice.

The family lawyer, Sue-Ann has made it very clear, civil action is currently on the table.

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