Should You Take Dating Advise From Monica? Singer Tells Fans She’s Not Their Advisor

R&B Singer Monica has an extensive catalog full of love songs. In several of them, she tells stories and offers advice to her listeners on how to navigate love, heartbreak, and infidelity. Fans recently called her out, saying that maybe she is not the best singer to be taking advice from, considering her relationship history.

In her biggest record, “The Boy is Mine,” Monica goes toe-to-toe with fellow R&B singer Brandy as they shamelessly duke it out for a man who is clearly two-timing them.In “So Gone,” Monica admits to being a bit obsessed with a lover and driving past his house to see him and his new woman. In the accompanying video, Monica can be seen sneaking around his home while he’s sleeping, breaking his belongings, and eventually being carried out by police. In one signature lyric, she says, “Make me wanna ride pass your house and sit. Kick down your doors and smack your chick.”

In real life, the recently divorced mom of three was involved with NBA star Shannon Brown for about a decade. While they never divulged why they split, Monica admits that she was fiercely protective of their privacy, so much so that it staled new music. “I won’t let my personal life hold up the music. But I never want people to merge the two,” she told Essence back in 2020.

Monica has moved on since then and reconnected with former lover Corey Miller aka C-Murder, who has been in jail since 2002. The pair dated in the ’90s and have always remained close, with Monica now sharing images of him from jail and their throwbacks on her social media. Fans began to question if Monica is the best person to take advice from, considering how she’s navigated her relationships.The singer took this in stride and let fans know, “I never said I was advising ya’ll. I’m just singing you through.” She followed this up with, “What you do is on you.”

Fellow singer Keyshia Cole got some similar feedback from fans judging her personal relationships versus the music. She responded, “Without this track record, y’all wouldn’t even have the songs written! SMH! Unappreciative asses 😂 now stop the s*** 😈.”

Another fan jokes, “Do as I sing and not as I do because I’m a No Limit Soldier.”

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