Steve Harvey Called Out For Spending More Time With Lori Harvey More Than His Biological Children

In this day and age, everybody has got something to say on social media. Nobody is safe. Steve Harvey perhaps came to this realization long ago, but he’s recently felt the sting again. Most recently, the multi-hyphenated entertainer was the subject of controversy and social media backlash for just spending quality time with his stepdaughter, Lori Harvey. As a result, he’s now being accused of caring for her more than his biological children.

Steve Harvey became Lori Harvey’s stepfather when he married her mother, Marjorie Harvey (nee Bridges), in June 2007. However, The Original Kings of Comedy star has four biological children, in addition to raising his wife’s three from a previous marriage. When it came to blending their families, Steve Harvey admitted to PEOPLE that it was not the most uncomplicated process.

In the candid conversation, he expressed that he told his four (grown) children, who initially did not care to blend their families, that they would have no other choice but to “deal with it” as it was inevitably happening. But Harvey’s wife came up with a different approach that allowed things to eventually gel together.

The love that Steve Harvey and each of his seven children have for one another is real, and it shows. For the television personality’s 58th birthday, they all surprised him on his daytime talk show to honor him with memorable moments from their past and continually declared how “awesome” of a father he is.

For Lori Harvey, specifically, she recalled her 15th birthday being her favorite moment with Steve Harvey. She detailed expressing her desire to begin dating to Harvey. He then took her to a Japanese restaurant and instilled wisdom in her.   Naturally, the love has continued over the years. Recently, Lori Harvey shared a video to her TikTok appearing to be on a solo father-daughter date. 

@loriharvey Pretty much 🤣 @steveharvey ♬ original sound – Lo✨

However, many on social media took that loving moment and began accusing Steve Harvey of only caring for Lori Harvey and not his biological children. Many fans flooded the comment sections, called the moment “cringy,” and even accused Lori’s mother of only being with the award-winning entertainer for money. What are your thoughts?

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