Sweetie Pies, Tim Norman Currently In Solitary Confinement According To Reports, Trial To Begin Next Month

Tim Norman is the former reality television star currently behind bars in connection to the passing of his nephew. The twisted story seems fresh out of a soap opera, but it in indeed connected to what was once a family-friendly OWN show about a former Ikette and the food empire she built for her family. Norman is reportedly not doing too well behind bars, and we recently got some updates about his case and what is happening to him while incarcerated.

Robbie Montgomery is the matriarch behind this sad family tragedy. After traveling the world and making a small fortune during her run with Ike and Tina Turner as an Ikette in the 60s and 70s, Robbie settled back in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, where she built her Sweetie Pie’s franchise. The restaurant did so well it scored her a reality show that subsequently helped her son Tim Norman become a television personality as well. Robbie was also taking care of her grandson Andre Montogomery and was reportedly really close with the young man.

Unfortunately, uncle Tim has proven to be a jealous and conniving man based on several accounts from people, and he conspired to end his nephew’s life and collected on a life insurance policy he took out on the boy illegally. This plot included a local dealer, a dancer, and a life insurance agent who once produced hit records for Nelly. The group all got caught shortly after Andre’s passing, thanks to Tim and the insurance agent being super pushy about trying to submit an insurance claim despite not even properly setting up the life insurance policy in the first place. Tim has been behind bars for months now and claims he has not seen his mother in over a year, nor has he received any letters or communication from his legal team.

Youtube blogger Eat With Phylly Phyl has some inside scoop on it all and took to her account to discuss how Norman has been in solitary confinement since August 17. She had court documents, including a motion to release Tim, full name James Timothy Norman, from solitary. They claim that his time in solitary has been interfering with his interaction with his lawyers. It is reported that Tim did something during a five-hour interrogation that landed him there in the first place. The document says that the U.S Marshall service “Unilaterally placed Mr. Norman in solitary confinement without any investigation or discussion with his counsel and without bringing this matter to the court’s attention.

Phylly Phyl goes on to say, “So they put him in solitary confinement after this five-hour meeting because of something they think he did, but Tim and his attorney is saying that he did nothing.” The document explains that placing Tim in solitary is a violation of his constitutional right to counsel and prevents him from adequately preparing for trial.

Terica Ellis and Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam have already pleaded guilty for their involvement in Andre’s passing and charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and mail fraud. Travell Anthony Hill, pleaded guilty on June 3 to conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire as well as a separate count of murder-for-hire. Tim has maintained his innocence and is scheduled to stand trial in September.

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