Tamar Braxton Defends Fiancé Having Five Children By Four Women, Then Immediately Called Out By One

Fresh off her engagement announcement, Tamar is now having to defend her new man. The reality television vet found herself on the receiving end of some backlash for accepting a proposal from a man with four baby mothers. The Braxton vocalist seems like she cannot catch a break, even on her birthday, so she’s decided to clap back.

Tamar Braxton has had a jam-packed week. In addition to the season finale of her Peacock series “Queen’s Court,” Braxton also dropped a new single titled “Changed.” Released as a gift to herself and her fans on her birthday, the mid-tempo R&B record seems a return to form for the hitmaker. “‘Changed’ is my #StTamarsDay gift to you. Click the link in my bio to listen, and let me know what you think in the comments below. 🥰🎉. It’s my birthday, y’all let’s turn it up. 💋” she said in the caption.

Tamar’s birthday falls on St. Patricks Day, which she has remained St. Tamar’s Day. While trying to celebrate her big day, new music and her recently announced engagement, Braxton made sure to let fans know that there is nothing they can do to bring shame to her newfound happiness. In a birthday post, Braxton cheers her new man Jeremy Robinson as he smiles and makes a toast to her.

In the caption, she lets fans know that nothing they can do will bring shame to the joy she has found. “It’s my birthday, but I have to post the one who puts this cheesy smile on my face. It took me a while to realize that this wholesome, Traditional love is the kind that I wanted and needed.” Braxton says that between them, they have six children, and they mean everything to her.

Miss me with the he has 4 baby mamas!! 😂😂Thank God for them. We are blessed And drama free thank God for my best friend, life partner, and fiancée,” she says. However it appears, one baby mother is already fed up with Tamar. According to the baby mother, Tamar doesnt have a relationship with her child. The woman who goes by the Instagram name of anastonjeni says she will not speak on Tamar’s relationship with the other four children and their mothers. However, Tamar is not a stepmother to her child. “This woman is no way a bonus or step mom to my son. My son does ‘not’ mean everything to her and she has not thanked god for me, and truthfully none of his baby mothers.”

She goes on to reveal Tamar has not attempted to meet her or get to know her as a woman. She also claims Tamar has said demeaning, disrespectful, and outrageous things regarding the way she parents. The woman also blames the singer for JR missing scheduled visitations with their son. Tamar has not responded to her claims However, Tamar’s fiance, JR did take to social media to respectful deny her claims.

According to Tamar’s fiance, the R&B singer has been an amazing mother and spoil his children with love.

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