The Final Episode Of Surviving R. Kelly Premiered Last Night, Here’s Everything We Learned

R. Kelly’s Lifetime documentary just reached its final installment this week, and it is a doozy. The embroiled singer/songwriter is currently behind bars and will be there for the foreseeable future. Family, supporters came together to help tell the story of the last few years since Kelly has been found guilty. What they revealed during the closing chapter is unbelievable. Let’s get into some of the revelations.

Fans of the first two installments of Surviving R. Kelly will recall that his brother Bruce Kelly gave several interviews from behind bars. Bruce has a history of being incarcerated, with five different mugshots floating around for violating his probation, and other crimes. Bruce knows how hard life is behind bars and said he was concerned for Robert and was not sure how he was going to handle it.

Bruce spoke at length about how his brother’s affinity for young women was a “preference” but not something that should have landed him in trouble. Bruce goes as far as to speculate that some people might have been lying about R. Kelly but says that because he was locked away for much of his brother’s trial, he’s not fully up to speed on who said what.

Ebonié Doyle is a woman that used to date Robert earlier on in his career. She was 16 years old when they began messing around in 1993. According to Doyle, she went to a show with her friends and was approached by Robert afterward. They began living together shortly after, and she recalled him being controlling and abusive.

Doyle says that Kelly kept a stack of VHS tapes, and she decided to try and watch one. To her surprise, the tape contained footage of Robert being intimate with an underaged Aaliyah. Doyle says she had questioned Kelly about Aaliyah, and he had denied it, so the recordings were her proof. Despite this, she still loves him and confessed, “He’s still important to me. And so, he’s not some horrible man to me. And I don’t want people to think that.”

In another part of the documentary, Azriel Clary discusses the 911 call she placed when her vehicle was set on fire. Clary was one of the last women associated with Robert before he was locked up. She opened up about their union and got some push back from his team. They were so upset with her that they orchestrated an strike on her home. They set her vehicle on fire and tried to burn down her house too. Kelly’s associate Michael Williams was later found guilty and sentenced to eights years. Williams is related to R. Kelly’s publicist.

Azriel and her father spoke in the documentary about her time with Robert and how his team has continued to taunt her. While discussing the fire, they revealed that there was six people in the house. An associate of R. Kelly also made a bomb at the venue where the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ premiere took place.

One of the most shocking revelations was late R&B singer Aaliyah’s family being silenced with an NDA. According to court docs, Aaliyah’s parents rejected to press charges on R. Kelly in exchange for the purchase of his first three albums. This revelation has black Twitter calling for Aaliyah’s parents and others to be locked up with R. Kelly.

Aaliyah’s family has yet to respond to the allegations.

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