The Verdict For Former Sweetie Pie’s Reality Star Tim Norman Is In

The family of Miss Robbie Montgomery must be rallying close to the matriarch today, as she’s been given some devastating news. Her son, Tim Norman, has finally been sentenced for the passing of his nephew. Tim will be spending his life in behind bars. Let’s take a look at the last few years leading up to his sentencing.

Tim Norman found success thanks to his mother. The former Ikette became a soul food legend in St Louis. Her restaurant was beloved by many and scored their family a reality television show on the OWN network. Within a few seasons, Tim Norman went from an unknown to a budding reality star. He even dated fellow reality television star, Jennifer Williams. Last year, Williams alluded to Norman’s diabolical temper after an incident with him resulted in their split. She was even granted a court order against him. She admits that even though he worried her, she was shocked when he was found to be involved in his nephew’s passing.

Robbie Montgomery moved her grandson out to St. Louis to be closer to her after his father passed away. Andre Montgomery Jr. seemed to immediately fall on his uncle Norman’s bad side and confessed to being afraid of him at several points before his passing. Tim painted Andre out to be a bad kid and even stoked speculations that Andre had possibly been stealing from his grandmother’s restaurant. Secretly, Norman took out an insurance policy on Andre and plotted to have him killed in order to collect the money.

The complicated plot included an insurance agent, the man who carried out the act, and a woman hired to lure Andre. When it was all said and done, Tim and his insurance agent Waiel Yaghnam rushed in to try and collect. Unfortunately, they had mishandled their filing documents and could not get the money. They also set off suspicion. Tim, Waiel, and two others were arrested in connection to Andre’s passing.

While Waiel, Travell Hill and adult dancer Terica Ellis all pleading guilty; Norman maintained his innocence. His mother also believed he was innocent till proven guilty, and in her few public statements she urged people not to prosecute her son until the courts found him guilty.

Norman was eventually found guilty, and he and his team were handed sentences. Travell got 32 years behind bars. Waiel and Terica both got three years. Tim Norman was given life. People are immediately began lifting Miss. Robbie in prayer, considering she lost both her grandson and son in this whole mess. “I feel sorry for the mother. You lost your grandson and son. That’s a lot for a woman her age to deal with.” Another said, “it be your own people … blood may be thicker than water, but both definitely leak!”

Most are happy to see justice served and remember how Tim played dumb during an episode of the show when he escorted his mother to the area where Andre life was taken and pretended not to know anything. “NOW HE’S ABOUT TO BE SOMEBODY SWEETIE PIE,” said one person.

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