Tiffany Haddish Reaches Settlement With Family Accusing Comedian Of ‘Grooming’ Children, Joint Statement Coming Soon

Tiffany Haddish is finally getting a win after months of some well-documented struggles. The a-list comics’ meteoric rise has been eclipsed by a few pitfalls since her Girl’s Trip debut. Through it all, Haddish has been focused on really healing and creating the life for herself she always wanted after years of struggling to breakthrough. In recent weeks, that peace was threatened by a lawsuit connected to a disturbing comedy sketch she did with Aries Spears several years ago. Despite what the court of public opinion has had to say on it, it appears Haddish is off the hook in the eyes of the law as they’ve reached a settlement.

Tiffany kicked off the year pretty rough following the DUI she received in January while in Atlanta. People called the police and reported a vehicle whose driver appeared to be asleep at the wheel. Law enforcement were able to track down the car and found Tiffany slumped over in it. They believed she was under the influence.

At the time, Haddish was having a hard time coping with several losses. Her grandmother, who raised her, had recently passed. In addition to the loss of her grandmother, she had also taken the passing of Bob Saget hard, as they were close friends. Her dog had also recently passed as well as her friend Carl Craig.

Tiffany was dealing with a lot of these tragedies alone as only the month prior, she and her boyfriend Common had called it quits. The split seemed tough on Tiffany, and she lamented during an interview with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked. She alleged that Common needed too many women and did not seem like the type of man who would be comfortable settling down.

Unfortunately, her year has continued to be troublesome. She and Aries Spears appeared in a sketch several years ago, making fun of pedophiles. Two children involved in the short came forward recently and stated that they were groomed by Tiffany and Aries. While the two comics have maintained their innocence, and fans have pointed out an existing relationship with the children’s mother that could allude to this just being a money grab, others were ready to cancel Tiffany and Aries and feel like they should have never made the skit in the first place. Tiffany’s law team has tried to paint her out to the be the victim, revealing that the woman was her friend and recently attended a birthday party of hers. She’s also been trying to sue for years unsuccessfully because no one would take the case.

This week it was revealed that Haddish and the family reached a private settlement for an undisclosed amount. They agreed to seal all court documents from the suit, including photos that could identify the children. It is also been reported that Haddish will be releasing a joint statement with the family, apologizing for the skit. It is unclear when this will happen and if Spears will be involved in any way. Haddish has agreed that the skit was never funny and regrets every making it.

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