Tristan Thompson Mother Passes Away, Everything We Know About Her

Today, Tristan Thompson and his family are in mourning following the passing of his mother. While Thompson’s headlines are usually plagued with issues surrounding his dating life and paternity, today, people are trying to uplift him as he copes with the devastating and shocking loss.

Tristan and his family are from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. He was raised by his mother, Andrea Thompson. She married Trevor Thompson in the late ’80s, and both of them migrated to Canada from Jamaica. Tristan is one of four boys; his siblings include Amari, Dishawn, and Daniel. They all got into basketball. At some point, Trevor fell out of the picture, and Tristan and his father are not on good terms these days.

Three years ago, Tristan and his mother participated in a video for Uninterrupted. In it, they discussed his career and humble beginnings in Canada and how he was using his platform as an NBA star to bring awareness to his younger brother Amari and his battle with epilepsy. Andrea beamed as she showed off photos from Tristan’s youth, including pictures of a young Tristan playing basketball.

Andrea said that she never understood that her son was going to be successful until other people told her. They recalled the drive to the U.S. for Tristan to participate in the LeBron James basketball program. Andrea was a bus driver and braved the rough roads with her boys so that her eldest could get the opportunity. They recalled her breastfeeding his brother Daniel while driving just to make sure they did not miss out. “How much she was willing to sacrifice for me to get to that tournament for me to play and do what I love,” he recalled. “I am so proud,” she said in the clip.

Tristan reposted a clip from the interview in 2020 for Mother’s Day. “Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy! One day isn’t enough to praise and lift you high. Every day is your day,” he said. “Thank you for all the sacrifices you made for me and my brothers. I love you, and I’m soo lucky to have been chosen as your son❤️. Not all superheroes wear capes.”

Andrea was a proud grandmother as well and posted up with Tristan’s daughter True in a photo from 2019. “GiGi and Baby Trueeee🙏🏾” he said in the caption. That same year, reports went out saying that Andrea was pressuring her son to be more involved in True’s life. She attended True’s birthday party that year and expressed her support for Khloe, calling her very “understanding and supportive.”

Andrea was at home in Toronto when she suffered a heart attack. She was immediately rushed to the hospital, where doctors tried to resuscitate her. Unfortunately, they were unable. Tristan is said to have rushed home from Los Angeles to be with his family. People immediately began sending prayers and support in the comments section.

Photos have already hit the net of Khloe and Tristan boarding a private jet to go be with his family. Khloe and Andrea were reportedly close.

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