Tyler Perry Is A Billionaire, But Instead Of Giving His Son The World He’s Teaching Him How To Earn His Own

Regarding Tyler Perry, there’s no doubt about his financial status. His work as an actor, writer, director, producer, and businessman all have contributed to his billion-dollar empire. But Perry is making it clear that his offspring won’t feel the extravagant privilege the public might think of just because he’s wealthy.  

On November 30, 2014, Aman Tyler Perry was born to parents Tyler Perry and longtime girlfriend, Gelila Bekele. According to Bekele’s website, she is an Ethiopian model, social activist, author, and documentary filmmaker. Represented by multiple reputable agencies throughout her career, Gelila Bekele has been in numerous campaigns for brands such as Diesel, Mikimoto, Michael Kors, Pantene, L’Oreal, Nespresso, and more.   Tyler Perry recalled when he witnessed Gelila Bekele enter the small room at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles where Prince was serenading his adoring fans. “She walked in, and I was like [gives a mesmerizing look], ‘Who’s that girl?” he said during an interview with People TV

The Madea star revealed how he soon discovered he would be a father. According to Tyler Perry, he was in the same venue “a year or two” after he had found out the man he believed to be his father, in fact, was not. He received a FaceTime call from Gelila Bekele, and when he answered, she was holding a positive pregnancy test.   Additionally, Tyler Perry expressed his feelings for Gelila Bekele at the time, stating that there was “no other person on the planet” he’d want to be romantically linked to or “have a child with.” But unfortunately, years later, the romance dwindled.

After over a decade of dating, Tyler Perry announced on Instagram at the end of 2020 that he and Gelila Bekele were no longer a couple. Under what looked to be a post-workout photo, the A Madea Homecoming star explained his “midlife crisis” and revealed his single status. But he assured his followers that he would “walk with God, be the best father and man I can be, hold my head up high, and try to look my best doing it” through it all.

But despite their split, Gelila Bekele will surely be well taken care of. During an interview with rapper T.I. on his expediTIously podcast, Tyler Perry stated that Bekele would be “getting her share of all of it.” However, due to him already being very private and selective of information, not much has been disclosed about their co-parenting since their split.

Speaking on keeping things private, Tyler Perry rarely posts his son on social media, nor is he seen in public. However, the Tyler Perry Studios owner never shies away from speaking about Aman Tyler. During a past interview with PEOPLEthe award-winning filmmaker said that his son was a great source of “joy” in his life. He also spoke on other experiences that he’s had in raising Aman Tyler thus far. In another interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Tyler Perry explained keeping his son from viewing things on the Internet. He shared that Aman reads tons of books sent to him from Oprah, his godmother, and is allowed about 30 minutes to use an iPad. However, it’s not his device.  

Tyler Perry also explained that while his son is well aware of what it means to be famous, it doesn’t seem to phase him. Perry told his son that the world views him as famous, to which his 7-year-old son at the time merely brushed him off. Aman would do the same thing when his dad showed him his work in films like Paw PatrolNinja Turtles, and Madea. When it comes to his protection from the spotlight, Perry shared that he’s been “fortunate to keep him out of public spaces.” However, his son has had brief instances where his son has experienced the spotlight.

Yes, Tyler Perry is considered to be a billionaire. But he’s making it clear that his son is not about to just “get everything he wants.”  Perry held a conversation with Gayle King at the recent Tribeca Film Festival. According to PEOPLEAman Tyler gets “a gift or two” for birthdays and Christmas. “He don’t have a job. He ain’t got no money,” the filmmaker said. Tyler Perry may have a task on his hands if his intelligent son already knows what a credit card is and what it’s used for. He shared a story of his son messaging him to use the card, which surprised him. 

All in all, he wants to ensure that his son is well-rounded and knows that while he may not live in the same circumstances as Tyler Perry did growing up, he will know what it’s like.

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