Where Is Rapper 6ix9ine? Attorney Currently Unable To Locate Client

If there’s one thing to know about 6ix9ine, he will find some trouble and end up in the news about it. Things have absolutely been quiet and mum for the controversial rapper on the new music front. Additionally, he’d been out of the spotlight for some time now, save for some spot dates and appearances. However, his latest appearance might have proven the wrong decision, and now his attorneys claim they have not heard from their client.

Tekashi 6ix9ine is known for his disrespectful cavalier attitude and demeanor. Unfortunately, whatever talents he may possess tend to become overshadowed by the numerous antics he’s had a hand in. He’s placed himself in multiple disputes and beef with various other rappers. One of his latest infractions involved the deceased rapper PNB Rock, whose untimely death he immediately mocked on his Instagram Stories.

Then, it appears that 6ix9ine took his troublesome ways internationally. According to TMZthe “FeFe” rapper was involved in a brawl while in a nightclub in Dubai. The rapper allegedly initiated a scuffle with the club’s DJ due to him not spinning any of the artist’s music. Video of the incident also showed what appears to be an individual approaching the rapper during the fight and apparently removing him of his chain.

Finally, it appears that 6ix9ine lost another legal battle recently. According to AllHipHip.com, the rapper (real name Daniel Hernandez) has been attempting to trademark his stage name. However, a man by the name of Warren Hamilton has been utilizing the name “SIX9” since 2007. When the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ruled against the trademark for 6ix9ine, Hamilton’s legal team reported they could not track the rapper down. In addition, his lawyers assert that they have also faced hardships in locating him at times.

According to the report, 6ix9ine’s legal team states that they haven’t spoken to him in months. His last known whereabouts were a scheduled appearance in Moscow, Russia, where he was to headline the Banger Fest. However, recent reports claim it’s been canceled. He was even reportedly caught on cameras whispering disparaging remarks about Brittney Griner, who is unfortunately still in Russian custody. Due to the tensions between the United States and Russian governments, 6ix9ine was reportedly warned against going to the country. However, we’re told that he ignored the warnings and traveled anyway.

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