Will Smith Receives Unsolicited Advice On How To Handle Chris Rock Following Comedy Special

Will Smith has the world’s support following Chris Rock’s stand-up special. The Fresh Prince might have gotten some backlash after the initial Oscar incident took place, but it looks like Chris Rock has lost a lot of support after trying to one-up Will Smith and his wife Jada in the Selective Outrage special. Following the comedy special, it appears people now believe Chris deserved it after all.

Chris Rock laid into the Smith family over the weekend. Not only did he call Will Smith out for picking on someone smaller than him, but he also called Jada a predator and feels he was unnecessarily caught up in the crossfire of Will being upset over Jada’s entanglement. Not everyone loved Rock’s approach, and feel like the special just made him look petty and sad as opposed to vindicated. Many of the people speaking out against Rock did not like his closing joke about fighting in front of white people and called out Chris for letting white comedians use the N-word in his presence. Others felt he was in the wrong for also making fun of Michael Jackson and comparing him to R. Kelly.

Michael Jackson’s nephew, Taj Jackson spoke out about the tasteless joke. Taj claims Chris Rock has used his family as punching bags for over 20 years. Candace McDuffie, senior writer at The Root also doubled down and suggested Chris Rock deserved the embarrassment. Candace McDuffie stopped by CNN to discuss the special when she put Chris Rock’s blatant disrespect of black women on blast. McDuffie also published a piece on The Root titled, “Chris Rock Still Deserved to Be Slapped by Will Smith.” In the sub title, McDuffie stated Chris Rock’s special proved what people have always said about Rock’s relationship with black women.

Rapper Slim Thug took to social media in support of Will Smith. The rapper declared this Chris Rock deserved another slap. “He still talking bout this man wife all crazy calling her a [expletive]. Will Smith gotta beat him up on sight.” Slim Thug urged Will Smith to “beat him up for real” this time, feeling that Rock crossed too many lines with his stand-up routine. “For him to keep calling ya wife all that, you gotta whoop his [expletive] You gotta beat him bad too.” Thug says that Will Smith has done enough “gangsta movies” to know how to properly beat a man up. “You tough,” he told the Bad Boys star.

While many agree, others feel like Will Smith should just ignore Rock and keep it moving. “Lol, Chris would just have the whole hospital laughing at Will after that beat down. Beating on Pookie doesn’t gain you anything,” said one fan. Will Smith has yet to address the special.

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