Willow Smith Shuts Journalist Down From Asking Questions About Mothers Alopecia Or Father Slapping Chris Rock

The Smith family has been known to have a knack for oversharing what many deem private information to the public. But this year, neither Will Smith nor his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, have been painted in the most incredible light. Following the incident at this year’s Academy Awards between Will Smith and comedian Chris Rock, much has not been said outside of an elaborate apology. And suppose Willow Smith’s latest interview proves anything. In that case, it’s that the family seemingly knows how to keep quiet concerning specific issues.

The Smiths are all celebrities in their own right. Willow Smith has followed in her parent’s footsteps from a young age. At nine years old, she came out the gate swinging with the infectious hit “Whip My Hair,” achieving platinum status. She also debuted on the big screen and starred in the film I am Legend alongside her father. Aside from music and movies, Willow also serves as a co-host on Red Table Talk alongside her mother and grandmother. While on the show, they discuss a bevy of topics, including very personal matters.

Take, for instance, the infamous entanglement between Jada Pinkett Smith and R&B singer August Alsina which made headlines in 2020. Willow Smith offered her take on the situation, sharing candidly on an episode of their talk show how “proud” of her parents she was. She explained that them speaking on the matter and sharing their steps to overcome showed her they were “the real deal.” In addition, Willow spoke on their example of “standing by” one another, labeling it “real love.”

This year, on the night that Will Smith received his first Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in King Richard, his moment was sullied by assaulting Chris Rock. During an August interview with Billboard, Willow explained that her family is “human,” whose actions are sometimes deemed unacceptable. “We’re expected to act in a way that isn’t conducive to a healthy human life [or] being honest,” she said.

But it appears that now that she’s spoken about it, Willow seems to be done talking about it. According to Glamour Magazine, the “Maybe It’s My Fault” singer refused to talk about the infamous slap that occurred at any point during the interview, along with her mother’s bout with alopecia.

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